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Welcome to Shutter & Ink!


It is here that all the facets of my creativity come together, in one place, under one umbrella – from Photography to Digital Art to Writing.

I am a photographer with a desire to take an image beyond mere photography (although I do love pure photography too!) and to produce unique works of art. The journey from mere photographer to artist has been invigorating and empowering, and that is what I am currently writing about.

From time to time I will set out some blog posts, so feel free to check in – or even better – sign up to stay in touch. I am passionate about living life to its fullest, and not settling for average. I firmly believe that each of our lives can be more that a few blobs of paint on a canvas, I believe that each and every life can be lived as a masterpiece!

I am open to feedback, suggestions and comments, so please do drop me a line and share your thoughts. You can find me on social media through my Facebook page and Instagram – the links are below – or simply email me through the contact page.

This website is by no means complete, so sit tight and hang on while we grow together!

Chat soon,


Lynne Kruger-Haye